Jacqueline Lewis shares her story of trauma, recovery, and how to stop numbing emotions with food

7:00 p.m. August 3, 2022

Jacqueline Lewis has had dark days. The Chicago native is a motivational speaker, domestic violence advocate, and incest survivor. At one point she struggled with eating disorders.

She has shared on Facebook her journey toward better health – specifically, not using food to deal with harsh emotions.

“I have been researching childhood trauma on my own,” she says. “I have become an expert on the process of healing old wounds that like to linger inside of our head and soul.”

Through a combination of self-education, clinical care, and faith, she managed to find wellness – even some happiness.

Working with a sexual assault trauma therapist, she learned about the benefits of purchasing workbooks online to continue her healing process.

“The psychiatric treatment system is not set up to suggest books and workbooks that could help people,” she said. “Grateful to God that I sought healing help through books. This has probably contributed to me being finally able to get rid of old things I had been holding onto that I no longer need.”

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