Welcome to our exciting new webinar series, NextGen@Work. Join us for candid conversations and interactive chats that explore the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities around mental health at work, specifically tailored for unique perspectives from young adults.

NextGen@Work: Your Values in the Modern Workplace

Wednesday, Nov. 8 @ 8 PM EST

In our upcoming session, NextGen@Work: Your Values in the Modern Workplace, we’ll be exploring how the idea of work-life balance has shifted over time and what it means for you as you step into the workplace.

  • Discover how your values play a crucial role in shaping your professional journey
  • Find out how finding a workplace that aligns with your values can positively affect your mental health
  • Understand how your identity is so much bigger than where you work
  • Learn cool strategies on how you can determine if a company is aligned with your own values

Get ready for an interactive session filled with tips and tricks that can help you thrive in your career while staying true to what matters most to you. Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation!