This weekend, Americans will celebrate Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor those men and women who faithfully served our country in the Armed Forces. For far too many veterans, however, that service left scars, both visible and invisible. According to Mental Health First Aid, 30% of active duty and reserve military personnel who have been deployed have a mental health issue requiring treatment. Of that 30%, only half actually receive treatment. Over 20 veterans die by suicide every day.

The horrors of war and the stress of adjusting to civilian life after service can take its toll upon veterans and their families. NAMI Homefront is a program designed to meet that need by educating and providing support to the family members, caregivers, and loved ones of veterans with mental health issues. The program focuses on people walking with veterans through their mental health recovery, no matter the relationship.

During this six-week program, participants learn to:

  • Recognize the different ways that different relationships with the veteran will determine how best to approach issues
  • Understand battle mind skills and how they affect a veteran’s ability to process circumstances in civilian life
  • Adopt particular communication skills with someone who has PTSD
  • Recognize barriers to seeking treatment, such as survivor’s guilt, self-sufficiency, or the tendency to neglect oneself to look out for others

NAMI NC will begin holding NAMI Homefront classes starting in November 2023. Click the button below for more information, including how to register.