Thursday, May 16, 2024 NAMI-Wilmington Public Board Meeting

Present: Chuck Eldridge, Janis Eldridge, Julie Morrow, Kimberly Light, Dan Nelson, Dylan Andrews, Megan Weber-Youssefi, Laura Hatvany, Jacob Bahimcle, Jessi Yarbrough, Gigi Matheny and Caleb Barker.
Via Zoom: Doug Engelman, Alabama Stone, Sheryl Sparks and Kay Sargent.

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The Board meeting for the NAMI-Wilmington was called to order by Doug Engelman, President at 6:00 pm. A quorum was established with five board members present.

Old Business:

A motion was made by Doug Engelman and seconded by Alabama Stone to approve the minutes from the April 16, 2024 NAMI-Wilmington Public Board Meeting. This motion was unanimously approved.

New Business:

Financial Report- Julie Morrow reported that the 2023 taxes are officially completed and the audit is currently in process. The Statement of Activity from January- April, 2024 showed total revenue of $13,152.50 and total expenditures of $19,368.07.

Walk Update- Janis Eldridge reported that we have started to receive several sponsorship commitments and donations for the upcoming 22nd Annual Walk for Awareness. Kay Sargent has put the Walk “Save the date” of Saturday, October 5, 2024 on our website and mail chimp as well. Members need to please bring all donated items for our Silent Auction to our next meeting in August.

Nominating Committee- Janis Eldridge reported that according to our Bylaws, the Board Member Election has been verified by the percentage of votes needed, and Kimberly Light, Sheryl Sparks and Janis Eldridge are now officially Board Members. Also discussed was the recommendation of another new Board Member, Dan Nelson whose nomination will be made formal at the August Board Meeting. During the August meeting, succession planning will again be discussed regarding the officer positions of President, Vice President and Secretary whose terms will be ending in October 2024. The nominating committee is currently vetting interested candidates for these positions and these nominees will be presented to the board at the August meeting.

Bylaws- Kimberly Light and Julie Morrow reported that there is no update on the completion of the Bylaw updates. They are projecting final completion by the August meeting. Chuck Eldridge suggested reviewing the Membership clause that may possibly change with the upcoming June NAMI National Meeting.

Communications Update- Kay Sargent reported on the recent Easy-Site meeting with Michelle Hettmann and Chuck Eldridge also in attendance. There will be another follow-up meeting, with a possible launch date in the next couple of weeks. Chuck Eldridge mentioned that he is in the process of reordering the NAMI brochures, adding a QR code for our website and a few other minor changes.

President’s Report- Doug Engelman discussed the “Youth in NC Program” and asked if Kimberly Light and Sheryl Sparks would follow-up and report back to him.

Support Programs- Chuck Eldridge reported that with networking he has connected with the local YMCA director and the Boys & Girls Club as well. This has resulted in NAMI-Wilmington representation at their recent Health Fairs. Thank you to our NAMI on Campus volunteers who have represented us at these events. Chuck discussed the relationship with The Healing Place continues to prosper, along with more members interested in being trained as facilitators. Megan Weber-Youssefi mentioned how much The Healing Place has benefited from our partnership with them. Dylan Andrews mentioned that The Healing Place will be having a fair (Recovery Live!) on June 8, 2024. NAMI-Wilmington will have a table represented by Dan Nelson and Virginia Goldrick. Chuck also discussed the need for testimonials to be submitted to our website and used for grant writing as well.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

The next NAMI Wilmington Public Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 20, 2024 at 6:00pm at UNCW Bear Hall, Room 206.

Recorded by,

Janis Eldridge