Thursdays with NAMI: Former police officer’s bipolar depression almost cost him his life

Thursday, February 9, 7:00pm

Ryan Mayer understands mental health today. He also remembers what it was like to be ignorant about symptoms of bipolar disorder – even while he was experiencing them.

“I was a highly decorated police officer for over 13 years…” he said. “One of my greatest police commendations was for saving a suicidal man, and after hours of sitting in the freezing cold talking to him about his daughters, we walked out of the woods together. How could anyone have known that I was on a path to suicide? I didn’t even know!”

Today Ryan tells his story of almost completing suicide to wake people up. He wants people to know that education and action can save lives, and he wants to spread hope by sharing that resources are available.

“I faced death several times,” he said. “Now I am here for good because on November 18, 2018, someone who knew the signs knocked on my door. She made me aware that I was in trouble and suffered with bipolar depression.”

Join us to learn from Ryan’s experience. This event is free and open to the public. Find us on Facebook Live or register to participate on Zoom.