Thursdays with NAMI: Sandy Hemenway speaks candidly about losing the people he loved most, depression, COVID, and recovery

7 p.m. July 21, 2022

Sandy Hemenway understands loss. Between 2013-2015 his wife of 20 years left, and he lost his job of 20 years. His dog died. Then his church closed.

It took time to put his life back together, but he did. Within a couple of years, he was working and dating again. A talented singer and pianist, he spent his Sunday mornings playing with different churches.

Then came another tidal wave of grief. In 2017, his mother died, followed by his father in 2018. Then his two best friends. He fell into the black hole of depression and lost his job.

“Each loss set me back to square one in terms of dealing with my grief,” he said. “Plus, having lost everyone close to me, I was then legally required to isolate myself from everyone for the next 2 years.”

How do you rebuild when life keeps putting tornadoes in your path? Join us to find out. By day Sandy is a QA Automation Engineer (he writes programs that test other programs), and by night is a POSI music artist. POSI music is positive, spiritually uplifting, but religiously neutral music. It is defined by its message rather than its style. He is working on a book examining the shortcomings of religion and spirituality through the prism of his ongoing struggles with depression. This event is free and open to the public.

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