Tuesday, November 21, 2023 

NAMI Wilmington Chapter 

Public Board Meeting 

Present: Doug Engelman, Virginia Goldrick, Julie Morrow, Chuck Eldridge, Janis Eldridge, Dennis Doll, Carol Saraiva, Kimberly Light, Bob Taglin, and Earl Craig. Via Zoom: Sheryl Sparks 


The Board meeting for the NAMI Wilmington Chapter was called to order by Doug Engelman, President at 6:00 pm. A quorum was established with five board members present. 

Old Business: 

A motion was made by Doug Engelman and seconded by Virginia Goldrick to approve the minutes from the October 17, 2023 NAMI Wilmington Public Board Meeting. This motion was unanimously approved. 

New Business: 

Financial ReportJulie Morrow reported on the Statement of Activity for January to October 2023. Total revenue is $52,603.68 and expenditures $35,467. Julie noted that we are still waiting for the “Letter of Determination” from the IRS stating our non-profit status. 

Support Programs Update– Chuck Eldridge reported on the continual growth of support programs. Sheryl Sparks along with Ben Holt will be developing another Peer Support Group, as well as starting “In Your Own Voice” monthly presentations at the Novant Behavioral Center. The Domestic Violence Support Group continues to be consistent in attendance. The Healing Place Peer Support Group continues to grow in attendance. Two more facilitators are scheduled for training in the next February 2024 class. The Jacksonville Peer Support Group will hopefully come together soon led by Kay Sargent and Carol Saraiva. 

Communications– Doug Engelman reported that our Communications Consultant, Michelle Hettmann is currently working with our intern, Mia Smiraglia on a content calendar to plan and schedule activities. They are also verifying and correcting for accuracy all content information on the website, business cards, and any other marketing materials. Business cards are being developed for board members and leaders. The Volunteer Form on the website is also being corrected for accuracy. Only NAMI emails will be utilized going forward. Michelle has researched NAMI National’s “Easy Site” and has found it to be a better platform to replace our current site, hopefully to be migrated by March 2024. Also mentioned was the ability to have a NAMI signature created. Kimberly Light offered to connect with Michelle regarding this. President’s

Report- Doug Engelman discussed the planning of a separate meeting (retreat) for Board members to discuss succession planning, new board member nominations, etc. Then also having a separate meeting for all program coordinators and facilitators. A tentative date was set for January 6th or 7th for the first retreat. A motion was made by Doug Engelman and seconded by Janis Eldridge to elect Julie Morrow and Kimberly Light as the Bylaw Committee. This motion was unanimously approved. Doug reported on his nomination to become CAP(Council of Affiliate Presidents) Chairman. The next topic of discussion was regarding the proposal of NAMI on CAMPUS Scholarships for the conference of the Society of Mental Health. NAMI Wilmington would be offering two student scholarships ($5000-7500) to attend the August 2024 Conference, where the students will give presentations. More details and a final vote on this will be conducted at the January 19, 2024 Board Meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm. 

The next NAMI Wilmington Public Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2024 at 6:00pm at UNCW Bear Hall. 

Recorded by, 

Janis Eldridge