Thursdays with NAMI – 7 pm -February 10, 2022

Johari Sharp – professional speaker, author, and thought leader – is a passionate advocate for mental health issues. A survivor of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, she has battled the diagnosis of bipolar disorder with courage and the help of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). It took many years before she received an accurate diagnosis. During that time, Johari experienced multiple treatments with some moving her into recovery and some failing.

During her periods of recovery, Johari earned a master’s degree in Counseling Ministries, trained as a Chaplain at Cleveland Clinic, and taught summer workshops at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA.

Through her mental health presentations, outreach, support groups, and work with NAMI, Johari works tirelessly to overcome the stigma and misrepresentations that still surround those of us suffering from mental illness. As an advocate and mental health speaker, she tells the story of her lived experience of bipolar disorder and the treatments that have helped her. Johari shares strategies for maintaining sustained recovery and mental wellness. As a licensed professional counselor, her perspective resonates well with mental and medical health professionals.

Thursdays with NAMI starts at 7pm and is free and open to all. Join us via Facebook Live or click here to register to participate via Zoom and to view the schedule for future sessions