The month of May holds a special place in NAMI NC’s heart. Throughout the year, NAMI NC strives to fight the stigma associated with mental illness. And each May as a part of national Mental Health Month, NAMI NC bolsters its efforts on fighting stigma and telling those who face mental health challenges that there is hope, help, and that they are not alone.

NAMI exists to help those with mental illness and their loved ones. Unfortunately, many in our state are unaware of NAMI’s free programs or our Helpline which can help guide folks to resources that are available. (800)-451-9682 or,

During this month, NAMI NC will be running an awareness campaign to address stigma and help raise awareness of the resources available.


We highly encourage you to join in to the various awareness efforts, like NAMIWalks, and take some time this month to help others understand.