Psychiatric. Advance. Directive. (PAD) If you or the one you love, is affected by mental illness, addiction, or any other health condition where symptoms could result in hospitalization at a psychiatric facility, NAMI strongly recommends completing a PAD as a tool of self-advocacy and effective crisis planning.

A PAD is an advance directive that outlines someone’s preferences for a point when they can’t make mental health decisions or communicate their wishes themselves—a legal document that states YOUR wishes, for YOUR treatment.

Want to learn more about the value of a PAD and how you can put one in place for you? NAMI NC’s PADs Specialist (and Director of Public Policy), Ashish George, will be offering 90 minute training sessions on Monday, November 22 at noon. Join him to find out more about how to protect you or your loved ones. For more information and future dates, click here.