Thursdays with NAMI: At 11 he survived a stroke; today he helps others live independently

April 20, 2023

At age 11, Travis Evans suffered a stroke. Extremely rare in children, the event changed his life. Afterward he used a cane to get around on good days, or a wheelchair on bad days. His friends drifted away.

He was told he would never get anywhere, and that he wasn’t intelligent. But something inside told him to keep pushing.

“The isolation fueled depression,” he said. “I wanted to give up, but there was a fire inside me that would not go out. I’m very stubborn.”

Today he is an athlete – who nearly made the Paralympics – and he works as a Community Inclusion Specialist for Solutions for Independence in Winston-Salem. He has associate degrees in mathematics and early childhood development.

How did he propel himself forward, and how does he motivate others to do the same? Join us to learn from his passion for supporting people with disabilities to live independent lives in the community. This event is free and open to the public. Find us on Facebook Live or register to participate on Zoom.