Thursdays with NAMI – January 20, 2022 – 7pm

Nancy Johns, 60, was always focused. The New Jersey native finished high school at 17 and attended military college. Then she served as an Army medic for six years, shifting smoothly into a career as a paramedic/firefighter upon returning home. In 1993 she was in a work-related ambulance accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. That’s when everything changed.

After three weeks in a coma, she woke up hallucinating, and doctors wanted her placed her in a long-term psychiatric facility; they found one in North Carolina. It was a long way from New Jersey, but Nancy had no living relatives to weigh in. She was sent to Dorothea Dix Hospital, where she endured forced treatment and was sexually assaulted. When Dix closed 17 years later, she was finally free. How did she rebuild her life after all that? Join us to hear her story.

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