Do you live with a mental health condition? We’ve been there. It can be hard to sleep, think, deal with emotions…How do we keep a job and live independently?

NAMI NC has a virtual support group for folks who are learning – or want to learn – how to live in the community just like everyone else. Participants will find a safe space to work through topics that can be embarrassing – like loneliness or money management. Or how to do laundry.

NAMI Program Leaders Lorraine Childs and Nancy Johns will facilitate. Nancy is a disabled veteran of the US Army. After a traumatic brain injury, she lived in a state hospital for 17 years. When it closed, she was finally free by didn’t know how to live on her own. Lorraine – whose anxiety is a challenge – had to learn a whole new way of communicating while raising a daughter with autism and mental illness. Ultimately, she taught that child how to live in the community.

The TCL Support Group meets at 7pm on the second Tuesday of every month. Register here to get the Zoom link.