While suicide prevention is important every day of the year, September has been officially designated as National Suicide Prevention Month.

This month in particular is a time to focus resources on changing the conversation from suicide to suicide prevention. During this month, NAMI and other organizations and individuals around the world come together to build awareness of the resources available to help prevent the loss of even one more life by suicide.

Everyone can make a difference in preventing tragedy. Here is one blog that you may find helpful entitled “My Friend Is Suicidal: What Should I Do?”

Additional information on prevention and resources can be found here

There are resources to help.

Know the Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Suicide

Being Prepared for a Crisis

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

Need more general information, referrals or support? Call our Helpline at 800.451.9682 (this is not a crisis line) Besides 911, there also is a Suicide Prevention Line 800.273-TALK (8255) Рa free and confidential service for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.