Thank you Hampton Inn. Medical Park!

A large thank-you for the gift of a hotel room in order for the LEAP (Listen, Emphasize, Agree and Partner) family program to be held.

We were not aware, at the time we started putting the program together, that the PGA tournament and UNCW graduation would be held the same weekend!  Prices were double the amount they usually go for.  If you could find one that is.  We looked everywhere within a 50 mile radius with no luck.

We were on the verge of cancelling the program, but you came through with such a generous gift, we were able to hold it. Fifteen family members came to the program  in order to learn the skills necessary to help their loved ones.

Only through education, can we continue the fight to raise awareness and fight the stigma of mental illness.  Thank-you for allowing this to happen for 15 people.