The COVID-19 relief legislation that is moving through Congress RIGHT NOW invests in mental health in significant ways, including:

  • $4 billion for state and local mental health and substance use services, school-based mental health programs and workforce training
  • Incentives for the 12 remaining states to expand Medicaid coverage, which helps people with mental illness get covered for care
  • Allowing Medicaid coverage of people who are jailed 30 days before release, providing important access to treatment as they reenter the community
  • Providing additional federal Medicaid funding to expand Mobile Crisis Teams, which help people experiencing mental health crises
  • $29 billion to help people maintain or get housing, including people with serious mental illness experiencing homelessness

Congress needs to hear from you that this investment in mental health matters.

The House of Representatives is voting on this bill soon. Tell your Representative that this investment will help your community and that people with mental illness need their support.

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