StarNews Article & Letter to The Editor and Legislators

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June 6, 2017

To the Editor;


In reference to the recent article concerning the pilot program to reduce ER wait times

for a bed in a behavioral health unit, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Wilmington

wholeheartedly protests removing this proposed project from the budget.


The average wait time for a bed in a behavioral health unit is 5.6 days

(often longer in eastern North  Carolina).  Imagine having a heart attack and having to

wait days for a bed.  Imagine if they were a loved one.  Wouldn’t you try to solve the problem?

This program would have reduced those wait times.


I have personal experience.  Twice, I waited for 2 days and nights, in the ER.  I was psychotic,

curled up in a ball, crying.  I was alone during one of the most terrifying experiences a person

can have.  And there were others in that hallway crying.


Write your legislators.  Tell others.  But do something to alleviate this tragedy

waiting to happen.



Debra Kindervatter

NAMI Wilmington President

NAMI NC Executive Board