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“Having the NAMI Panel involved with the CIT Trainings is one of the most memorable portions of according to the law enforcement officers. It allows the officers to hear stories from family members of people with mental illness but also people who are living with mental illness. The panel allows them to ask questions and connect on a more personal level that they do not receive during the technical portion of the training. Trillium Health Resources appreciates the partnership with the Wilmington NAMI Chapter and their contributions to reducing the stigma of mental illness by participating in the CIT Trainings. Trillium cannot hold these trainings without NAMI’s involvement and we wish to thank them for all that they do. We look forward to continuing to partner with NAMI Wilmington in future CIT Trainings.”
-Heather Giless CIT Coordinator, Trillium Health Resources
“The most impactful portion of the training was the NAMI Panel. Hearing from family members that have watched their children shift into mental illness gave mental illness a realness that I don’t think can be obtained without a personal connection. I believe that a lot of the class made a connection with the panel.”
–Crystal Davis, New Hanover Sheriff’s Office

“We have now done 3 CIT trainings and find the experience invaluable. It feels like we make a difference when we share our stories with the police and give them a glimpse of what life is like and how it feels to live alongside mental illness on a daily basis. This is the first training we have done that we were fortunate to have a consumer join the panel. I told Ramon this … I admire his courage, insight and first hand knowledge that he was able to impart. He was amazing and it was very powerful for everyone in the room to hear his story.”

-Laura & Paul