With symptoms appearing in junior high, and eventually diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and General Anxiety Disorder, NAMI NC’s own Lindsey Taylor has chosen Mental Health Awareness Month to tell you about her personal journey with mental health.

Lindsey, who is NAMI NC’s Development and Special Events manager, leads the NAMIWalks Your Way campaign in North Carolina. In her video, she steps away from her professional role and talks about her journey and also why the Walk is so important for mental health.

Lindsey’s Story

If you haven’t heard, NAMIWalks is NAMI NC’s biggest awareness and fundraising event of the year, and our momentum is building to the United Day of Hope on May 22nd. Over 400 people have already registered and started their campaign to help pave a better path to mental health in our state. If you haven’t already, we hope that you will join in and donate and/or register for the event today!

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