Our Helpline is a great resource that is available to you throughout the work week. But there are also a plethora of our mental health programs that are available to you at no charge from wherever you are as well.

NAMI Programs are a unique combination of education and support. Our classes provide education, but also offer a level of support by taking the training from others that have similar experiences. Likewise our support groups’ primary focus is support, but there is so much to learn through the experience of others. Click here to check out all the virtual programs available to everyone throughout the state thanks to our local affiliates and volunteers.

And then there’s NAMI NC’s, Thursdays with NAMI. This virtual program is offered at 7pm every week and is a novel way of building conversations – and building community–around mental health. These weekly webcasts cover a wide range of topics from diagnosis to recovery and everything in between. See below for this week’s session, hosted by NAMI NC’s Peg Morrison.