Did you notice that political candidates tend to focus on the issues of people who usually vote? This is called the voter contact cycle, and it leaves thousands in our state left without a voice.

Statistics show that those living with a mental illness have been less likely to vote than others in the past. This means that candidates have been more likely to overlook the needs of people living with mental illnesses. Yet regardless of your health, age, or socioeconomic status, you have a right to vote – and your voice matters!

Today is National Voter Registration day, and here at NAMI NC, we want to help constituents have their voices heard! Download the voter registration form here and mail it into your local county board of elections. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re already registered, you can find that information here. Prepare now to have your voice heard and encourage others to get out and do the same!

Already registered? NAMI also has a site that is a great resource on voting and talks about the issues surrounding mental health. #Vote4MentalHealth is about more than a single policy issue. It’s about knowing how different issues affect people with mental health conditions. Click here to learn how the issues you care about intersect with mental health.

NAMI Members – did you receive your ballot?

Speaking of voting, NAMI members should have received separate communications about voting in this year’s NAMI NC Elections for the Board Members. Votes must be received by October 2nd to be counted. If you are a member and have not received an email with your ballot, please contact Lori at lmatteson@naminc.org.