NAMIWalks Your Way

The little boy pictured above is sporting his choice for NAMIWalks Your Way and how to raise mental health awareness and resources. For us, he, and his handwritten sign, are also a symbol of Hope. Hope for mental health. Hope for our country’s overall health. We also hope that you will join him and the over 20,000 people that have come together to support the NAMIWalks effort.

No, it’s not too late to help make a difference! Our efforts to eradicate stigma are continuing. Additionally, our fundraising via #NAMIWalksNC to support our mental health programs and advocacy efforts also continue as we strive to reach our goal.

So far over $135,000 has been raised towards our $150,000 goal.

Great work and keep it up! Funds raised through June 30th will contribute towards earning incentive gifts here.

Please click below to for more information, register to start your own fundraising effort, or to donate.

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