In the wake of last Tuesday’s election, there will be changes in the North Carolina General Assembly. In the House, Republicans have 71 seats and Democrats have 49 seats. The Republicans are one seat short of a supermajority that could overcome a veto from the Governor. In the Senate, the Republicans achieved a supermajority of 30 seats compared to the Democrats’ 20 seats. In the State Supreme Court, Republicans hold a 5 to 2 advantage. Read more about individual race results here.

NAMI NC is confident that mental health will remain a nonpartisan issue. We look forward to working with all interested individuals and groups to advance better policy outcomes. Having met people of goodwill on both sides of the aisle, we know Raleigh can continue the precedent of putting North Carolinians ahead of narrow party interests. Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, mental health deserves to be a priority.