During this year, NAMI Cumberland, Harnett, and Lee Counties (NAMI CHL) has embarked upon an effort to promote community inclusion while building a strong coalition of stakeholders who are knowledgeable of facts and not myths about mental health and substance use disorder. This initiative began with an educational series and climaxed with a celebration on Saturday, September 19th!

On this evening, NAMI CHL hosted talents from their affiliate and beyond for a virtual variety show. This event was to raise awareness and to encourage community inclusion for those both with and without a mental illness. The Extravaganza was a live, in person and virtual event. Sonny Kelly, a world class performer, story teller, and comedian was the emcee, and he and a wide variety of participants entertained the audience.

NAMI NC affiliates’ Community Inclusion events and programs work towards providing supports to those that might otherwise be isolated. Studies have shown that inclusion can improve recovery for those impacted by mental disorders and an improved sense of well-being for all.

Visit our website if you are interested in more information on NAMI NC’s Community Inclusion Program.

Thank you to all the participants and kudos to NAMI CHL for this important series and hosting a great event!