For Regina Hillman, life is better these days. As facilitator for a NAMI Connection Recovery Support group in Ohio, she has gained valuable insights into her own challenges with mental health. Through NAMI family programs, she learned how to communicate better with her child – and how to advocate for him.

She has been her adult son’s caregiver. A Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, he has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, paranoia, and depression. At times he was nearly catatonic.

“There was no life in him,” she said. “He was a walking zombie. There was no communication.”

In the past five years, however, he has gotten the treatment and medication he needs. Her son now communicates and “is his own person,” she said.

“I always worried what would happen if I died,” she said. “Now he can actually live independently – and it’s thanks to NAMI.”

How did these dramatic changes take place? Join us to hear the story.

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