As a participant in one of NAMI’s many support groups and education classes, Sharon Chen is very familiar with NAMI and its life-changing programs.

“I am so thankful for NAMI’s programs!” Sharon said. “When I received the postcard advertising NAMIWalks, I went ahead and registered right away and linked to my social media account. In less than a day, I had raised $320 through my Facebook friends.”

Sharon has now surpassed $500 in funds raise and is eligible for the various recognition gifts offered. More importantly she is building mental health awareness and helping others affected by mental health conditions and their loved ones.

Won’t you join Sharon and the other 200+ folks that have already signed up for this year’s Walk and are making a difference? There is no cost to register and with the virtual option, you do not have to be present in Raleigh for the Walk event on May 21st.

To register and for more information about the Walk click here.  Or email

Already registered? Click here for some helpful tips on how to make the most out of this year’s Walk.