Love and faith are divine gifts that can help someone through depression, mania, and psychosis

By Melody Moezzi

Ten years ago, all was well on paper, but my mind was in revolt. At 25, I’d recently married my best friend and greatest supporter, and in less than a year I would finally finish my seemingly endless formal education and sign a contract for the publication of my first book. By all accounts, my life was full of promise. The only catch was, I had no will to live it. That’s how I landed in my first locked psychiatric ward.

Years of misdiagnoses, ineffective medications, and failed treatments followed, not to mention two more inpatient hospitalizations, and then, alas, a proper diagnosis more than a decade in the making: bipolar I.

Once I knew what I was up against, I could begin working toward sanity. And it was work—every single day. Read more >>