This is an unprecedented time of crisis in North Carolina and around the world. We are all struggling to adjust to these new circumstances, whether in our families, our jobs, or in our communities. For those of us who have behavioral health and I/DD needs, as well as for those of us who work in these areas, sharing information is critical.


As you know, state and federal leaders are making policy changes today to meet the current challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether temporary or permanent, these changes will impact future decisions, particularly as our state legislature moves forward in budget discussions post COVID-19. In anticipation of those important conversations, the i2i Center for Integrative Health is collecting data on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Behavioral Health/I-DD Consumers, Providers, and Payers in the public system. Our plan is to collect and share our findings with legislators, state leaders, and other partners to provide information that informs decisions on state Medicaid policies, service funding, and overall support for the Behavioral Health/I-DD service system.


Please take a few minutes to complete the appropriate survey (Provider, LME/MCO, Consumer) using the links below. We request that you complete your survey by 4/22.  


Please note that there are two surveys available for consumers: a BH/SUD survey and an I/DD survey. Consumers and their families are welcome to complete one or both according to your service needs.


Our plan is to collect the information received and to develop a report based on the data. All responses will be kept confidential.


Thank you for time and attention.














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