Heard in the Halls is NAMI NC’s Public Policy update. This month, we are focusing on key Legislative activities since the General Assembly began the short session on May 16th. The NAMI NC Board is also working on a public policy platform for 2018.

Deby Dihoff, Acting Executive Director

Group Home Sustainable Funding Bill

Senate Bill 780

NC has over 5,000 people with disabilities living in approximately 1100 group homes located in residential neighborhoods across North Carolina. Almost every county has at least one group home.

  • The group home funding model has not been updated since the 1980s.
  • The bill requires the state to develop a plan to improve the funding model for group homes. This will also improve the quality and availability of the service.
  • The funding needed to support the plan will be in the 2019-2021 Budget that the General Assembly will approve next year.

Please email your Representatives and Senators to let them know why you

care about Senate Bill 780. Below are some examples:

  • I live in a group home.
  • I have a family member or friend who lives in a group home.
  • I am a member of North Carolina Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and I care deeply about this issue.
  • I/They moved to the group home because _______________________.
  • Was it difficult to find an available group home bed?
  • The group home helps me/them by
  • transporting to medical appointments,
  • helping with medication, getting refills, and lab work
  • providing opportunities to socialize with others
  • providing environment without drugs or alcohol
  • providing safety to ensure support in a crisis
  • providing basic necessities like food
  • providing a place to call home
  • What are fears for you or your family member if a group home wasn’t available?
  • Homeless, hospital, Adult Care Home, family, criminal justice system
  • Other reasons Group homes are important to me are ____________.

Please thank your representatives and let them know their support is very important to you.

Legislators in the NC House

Legislators in the NC Senate

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Special thanks to Ann Akland from NAMI Wake for putting together this update