Happy New Year! As we enter into 2021, we would like to share the words of NAMI NC Executive Director Garry Crites that were stated in a recent NAMI NC Member communication. His words reflects the feelings and focus of our entire staff as we look towards the new year with its opportunities and challenges.

To those of you who are dealing with mental health challenges and addiction, and to those of you who support people who are struggling:

  • We will never stop advocating for you in the halls of power, insisting that all North Carolinians who deal with mental health conditions receive the respect, care, and affordable treatment they deserve, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, location, or socio-economic class.
  • We will never stop fighting the crippling and condescending mental health stigmas which deny people dignity, safety, and help until the day when they are finally able to tell their stories freely and with no fear.
  • We commit ourselves not only to offering the highest quality programs for people facing mental health challenges, but also to finding (or developing) effective tools for spreading the word to a new generation in a changing world.
  • Above all, we promise that you are not alone. We will never give up on you, but will be there in your corner through your struggles, insight, and recovery.

This week’s Thursdays with NAMI will feature Garry and NAMI NC Board President, Judy Jenkins on NAMI NC’s direction in 2021 and mental health in NC. Also, please remember our free programs and that our confidential Helpline is here for you via phone 800.451.9682 or text 919.999.6527.