All of the Board of Directors and Volunteers of NAMI Wilmington wishes everyone a very happy holiday.

This has been an exciting year for NAMI Wilmington and none of it could not have been done without you.  We offered NAMI Family to Family, Basics and the Family Support Group.  We also increased our Connection peer support groups from 1 to 3, including one veteran’s group.  We worked with NAMI on Campus UNCW and Peer Recovery Resources on joint projects and are looking forward to future partners, including Ocean House.  Ocean House is a psycho-rehabilitation program located in Wilmington.

Our Walk for Awareness was held for its 16th year, and once again it was a resounding success.  As always, funds raised are used towards running our educational programs.

Some board members rotated off – Stan Oathout, Kitty Oathout, Pat & Clancy Must – but we were able to attract new board members who also have much to offer.  They include Sue Howell (membership), Sebastian Popescu (webmaster) and Audrey Hart (facebook).  And of course, they take care of everything else that falls their way. Other board members are Johnnie Puckett, Darlene Webb, Deb Vuocolo and Loretta Nobel.

We have many outstanding volunteers, and if you would like to be part of this growing team, please visit our “Contact Us” section.  We would love to have your skills and talents as we enter 2019.  There’s still much to do.

Have a peaceful and joyful Holiday.  See you 2019.