Thursdays with NAMI – 7 pm -March 24, 2022

Millions of Black Americans struggle with mental illness but can’t afford to seek help because of cultural and economic limitations.

“HUSH | Help Us Say Help” is a 90-minute documentary discussing the historical, social, and political influences contributing to the suffering associated with mental illness in Black communities.

Through cunning and compassionate storytelling, HUSH is a film that will show the humanity of Black Americans and ignite community dialogue surrounding the topic of Mental Health in Black America. Additionally, the filmmaker seeks to educate, entertain, and empower Black families to overcome generational and individual trauma by seeking professional support.

Join us for this conversation with HUSH Executive Producer Dylan Thomas about racial trauma and healing.

“Something that I’ve reflected on is that there’s strength in addressing things that hurt us most,” said HUSH Executive Producer Dylan Thomas.

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