According to Pew research, every year, millions of 911 calls involve a person experiencing an emergency related to a mental health or substance use disorder—situations often referred to as behavioral health crises. How these calls are handled can determine whether the incident ends safely, the person in crisis is arrested, or the person is connected to appropriate care. Many law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals and advocates have joined in partnerships to establish Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT). Effective CIT program implementation in NC is critical for improving the interactions and outcomes for those that experience mental health crisis in our communities.

NAMI NC and its affiliates are proud to contribute to the training and support of CIT efforts and improving crises handling throughout the state. On February 24, 2022, CIT advocates will gather at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, North Carolina for a full day of learning, camaraderie, and sharing resources. The theme for the 2022 CIT Conference is “Faithful to Our History, Preparing for Our Future.” We will look to our roots to see why CIT has become the gold standard for crisis response, while examining new and exciting models that will enhance our programs.

Stay tune for registration information in future Tuesday Newsdays. Parties interested in presenting in the remaining breakout sessions may complete this RFP form.