This week’s guest on Thursdays with NAMI is Vicki Hill–a talented mental health advocate and wellness guru. For years she experienced long periods of mania followed by long periods of deep depression. At times she self- medicated by using substances to get by. Early in her recovery, she became an advocate for individuals who experienced homelessness and those with mental health challenges. As a Peer Support Specialist, she has trained others to be supportive of those who live with mental health conditions. She represented other peers as an elected member of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County, Ohio for several years. With her lived experience, she was part of a team that consulted with 29 mental health organizations and two state psychiatric hospitals, providing evidence that people with mental health diagnosis can and do recover. Vicki was well known in Ohio as a mental health advocate and peer support specialist until 2015 when she retired and moved to Florida. Today she uses her training as a Guided Imagery Practitioner to provide healing and relaxation to small groups in her community.

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