Thursdays with NAMI 7 p.m. August 19, 2021

What support is available for parents who live with mental health and substance use challenges? What types of stigma do they face? Some parents have opened their hearts and shared their stories in a brief, new video from the Center of Excellence in Psychosocial and Systemic Research of Boston. Join us to preview the video and talk with 3 mothers with lived experience of Parenting in Recovery. Jacqueline Martinez is an experienced Spanish Interpreter, a state trainer for NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group, and a former trustee with the national NAMI board. Cynthia Piltch, PhD, has written and spoken extensively about complementary and alternative health strategies and mental health recovery, and she spent several years teaching wellness courses at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Anne Whitman holds a PhD and MA in Anthropology from Harvard University, an MS in education and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Boston University.

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