Thursdays with NAMI-July 29, 2021-7 p.m.

Everyone can agree that involuntary commitment (IVC) to in-patient psychiatric care should be a last resort for folks who live with mental health conditions. So why have IVC’s increased 91 percent over 10 years in North Carolina, far outpacing population growth? The data comes from a 2020 study by Promise Resource Network of Charlotte and Assistant Public Defender Robert Ward of Mecklenburg County. Apparently, it’s part of a national trend. Why is this happening, and how effective is forced treatment anyway?

Join us for an in-depth discussion with Promise Resource Network CEO Cherene Caraco, Disability Rights NC Director of Public Policy Corye Dunn, NC DHHS Assistant Director for Consumer Policy and Community Engagement Dr. Michelle Laws, and Treatment Advocacy Center Legislative and Policy Counsel Sabah Muhammad.

Thursdays with NAMI starts at 7pm and is free and open to all. Join us via Facebook Live or click here to register to participate via Zoom and to view the schedule for future sessions.